Take me Down to the Docks


I’m very stoked to finally announce the release of the first single from my debut album, ‘Docks‘. (<- yo, I hyperlinked the word ‘docks’ so you can listen to it if you want?!)

1507_Jacob Diamond_DOCKS_IMG_3853_Digital

‘Docks’ single artowrk. Diorama by Jessee Lee Johns, pic by Matt Sav

This song is the culmination of many hours of work and stress, so I’m glad that you can share in the fruits of all that for three minutes and three seconds, over and over again from now until the end of time.

Big ups to my band and to producer/engineer/mixer/masterer/master/friend Lachlan Carrick.

I’m hitting the road in support of the song and going to cities I’ve never been to before, too! ..More details to follow.

mwah x