Finally what you’ve all been waiting for – indulgent pics of me and my friends doing a thing that may seem glamorous but was in reality a fart-laden foul-mouthed stress-fest

Albeit brilliant and beautiful.


Myself, my band and wondrous producer Lachlan Carrick spent a week recording my first album at Real2Reel studios, just outside of Bunbury, WA. The studio is set on twelve acres of wholesome family-man land. James Newhouse, owner, operator and wholesome-family-man (his subheading for the doco), pottered around all week being impossibly knowledgable about the mechanics of recording but, more impressively, about heaps of other classic country stuff like bonfires, having sheep and tomato relish. I mean, the guy just knows how to make his own relish from stuff that he grew in the ground. He was gentle-spirited, he was patient with 5-6 noisy smelly potty-mouths and would show up sporadically with coffee for everyone. I wanna thank him for painstakingly assembling a practical-magic land conducive to creativity and my stress.


Lachlan Carrick of Hogsmeade lived a magical full life filled with music and experiences that made him my perfect music-mate well before I met him. Then I met him and we became perfect music-mates. #magic. He covers my deficiencies well (he’s a creatively limitless, organised straight-talker) and I, his (I find nice ways to say stuff). He courageously left his infant child who was about two minutes old to come and sprinkle his magic patronus or whatever over everything (only ever read the first Harry Potter, is it obvs?). He was efficient and brilliant, calm and generous, wise and fun. Despite all that, Will (bass/feuxpas) called him a ‘hideous slut’ on day 1. Keep in mind this was not only day 1 of recording but also the first day Will and Lachy ever met. Luckily, it weirdly became a sweet little term of endearment for our hideously slutty friend, Lachy.


My four lovely friends came and recorded for a whole week. What they got was hopefully a memorable experience, no money and hastily thrown together instructions laced with stressy nuance from me. They killed it. You’ll hear it. It was all a bit like school camp really. The cabin fever, the grumps, farts, literally truth or dare, shit in-jokes (the cleverest of which was simply ‘sausages’… just like saying it) and just those sweet sweet #bonds man.



Hero behind and before the lens, Matt Sav agreed to come down for an afternoon and shoot us doing whatever it was we were doing at the time. We were kicking the footy, recording some prepared piano and having a bonfire. He captured the spirit of the thing cos he’s the best. Enjoy a selection below.

Album will be out later this year after I record some vocals and do some yoga!

Thanks for reading/supportin





Thanks WAM!


Best Folk Act, 2015


Have a listen to my new EP here. It looks like this –


Yes, it looks like theres a penis on the cover. It’s actually just the stage door to the Theatre that we recorded it in, but people seem to love the whole phallic-vibe



Hi there,

just a note to say that some whammo delightful things have happened recently..the note is four chapters long sorry, wham after wham after –


I’ve been nominated for three WAM Awards by the Western Australian Music Industry… I dunno.. playaz? Paellas? Stoked to be nominated for –

Best Folk Act

Best Male Vocalist

Most Popular New Act

The awards ceremony is at Jack Rabbit Slims in Northbridge this Thursday, November 5th. We’ll also be performing on the night for the WAM Conference attendees and elite high-flying hand-shakin’ industry paellas. I’m bloody excited and thank the WAMmo’s wholeheartedly again for their support. Bless their bloody cotton socks. So make a sign of the cross and pray that your boy gets a delectable wamington. Or ya know don’t and the world will probs keep on spinnin and i’ll probs keep making songs

Full list of nominees and all details here!

(In a shocking turn of events however, today I lost to Kevin Parker – of some terrible weird unknown outfit who make shit albums called Time Impaler – for Best Male Vocalist. #bombshell.. Ugh, I’m bloody joshin of course – thats a bloody whammo well deserved win, and I, like every right thinking person, love that band and those songs and dem vocaless.)


Me and my band recently recorded an EP called Chum. We did it all in two days, live to tape on the floor of an old theatre. I just received the masters and sent the rad Matt Sav‘d design off to the pressers today. It sounds very very great and I can’t wait for all you delightful paellas out there to hear it. In fact, you could even check out one of the songs now if ya like?..



I got to sing vocals for me hero Lior at The Astor Theatre on Friday night! Crazy, because I was listening to his songs when I was like 14 and he sorta made me wanna write songs and there I was singing but mostly fucking up the bv parts that I’d come to know so well! Delightful. Whammo. Thanks, Li.



Fourthly, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve been sponsored by the lovely folk over at theMusic.com.au to be a nominee in this years ‘Stagebound’ comp, which gives the winner the chance to open Southbound festival! Wowee whammo delight! It’s completely decided on votes though, so if you like what I do or have seen me play or you’re somehow obligated to by relation or kinship, then please please please flick your boy a vote by following THIS LINK and selecting my name from the list of bands at the bottom – it’s a hotly contested comp so any help you can offer is appreciated and rewarded with smooches and those delightful coconut-covered apricot cube things you get from woolies


Thanks for reading these, if that’s something that you do, but if you’re a skimmer then thanks for skimmin, and thanks in a general sense for the support, it’s muchly appreciated.

Love Jacob

Oh hi there

Oh hi there

I used to post semi-regular blogg-y stuff on this here website.. Until it was infiltrated by some malicious hack(er)s who scattered links to ‘gay tube porn cartoon’ and ‘will write research papers for free’ everywhere? Both tempting links, but I think this website for my folk songs is maybe just not the right place for them ya know? Anyway, I had to decommission this puppy for a while. The hackers are all serving life sentences for defamation now so no stress

Anyway spit spot

So much has happened between their final sentencing and this grand reopening! have a gnader* –

– Me and my band o’ boys won the big splash band competition?! Crazy. Indeed an honour and a shock. A shocking honour. A hocking goner. A shackle gander. The final was a night of biffs and bangers, feat. bonza sets from my boys in Shit Narnia, The High Learys and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. In a heartwarming and humbling turn of events, friends and family of mine reeeeally turned up for me; Making noise nice and early for their alphabetically first hopeful. I feel so.. well, what I’ll say is – there isn’t an emoji in the world that could capture my elation and gratitude about all that.

Except for obviously the chick popping out of the egg that looks like it’s saying ‘perche no las dos?’. What a little joker. At any rate, now we got 10k to put towards the recording of our album!


Me and the gang with a cheque, MC Magnus Danger Magnus, and Big Splash Founder Maria Florides. Pic from George Foster Photography

– I received a lovely grant from the Department of Culture and Arts to put towards the recording of our album! Another Hockey goner!

Me and Pete Guazelli next to a DCA sign

Me and Pete Guazelli next to a DCA sign

– I performed at festivals like Wave Rock Weekender and Rottofest with my boys! many laughs and moments of ‘coming in hot’ were had.

Me and the boys at Wave Rock Weekender, 26/9

Wave Rock Weekender, 26/9. Photo from Curbside Collection

– I recorded some songs live to tape in an old theatre which is being mixed literally as I type this!

Live tracking at Camelot Theatre in MosArts

Live tracking at Camelot Theatre in MosArts, 8/10

– Tony Abbot died :(

– I’ve been learning all the BV’s from esteemed Israeli/Australian songwriter Lior’s first album ‘Autumn Flow’… because I’m going to sing them with him at his show at The Astor Theatre on the 30th of October! His tour is in celebration of the super succesful albums 10th Anniversary; this, the album that got me interested in writing songs. Now, by some bizarre twists of fate, I get to sing those same bloody songs with him? Thats a big deal for your boy JD. He’s my Elvis? Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi (just warming up bro)

Lior, Noah Shilkin and Jacob Diamond co-writing at Lolly Box Studios, Margaret River. February, 2015

Lior, Noah Shilkin and I co-writing at Lolly Box Studios, Margaret River. February, 2015. Pic from Rebecca Shilkin

Some more exciting business is fast approaching and, assuming those same questionable hackers don’t return with their confusing simultaneous offers of homoeroticism and affordable academic assitance, I can tell you aaaall about it right here at jacob bloody diamond dot com dot au slash how yer goin

it’s good to be back!

Speak soon, got family dinner – roast. fuck yeah



*Yeah misspelt ‘gander’ but left it cause I think gnader has a nicer ring to it. pronounce it however you like!

Bangers and May


April was crazy and May was… mayzy? May featured less shows, but more instagram posts – confirming again the age old adage that ‘as one door closes, another door opens’. Allow me to use some of these images to tell the greatest love story ever told – ‘bangers and may’.


  • May 1st was a banger, with my first ever headline, full-band show. We played at the Astor Theatre! To be clear, we played in the smaller ‘B’ theatre… which used to be a porn theatre.
Full-band show at The Astor Lounge

Full-band show at The Astor Lounge – Pic from Tash Shanks.

  • I played a banger of a duo gig on May 28th at The Moon Cafe, which was as lovely a banger as The Moon’s ever seen in it’s billions of years of hanging in the sky. Unfortunately thats not the first Moon-related gag I made in the lead-up to this gig. Just enjoy this photo, in which keyboardist and son-of-a-lutheran-minister Matt Schmalkuche (pronounced ‘shmal-cooker’), is ruining the illusion that we were unaware we were being photographed.
Duo gig at The Moon Cafe, Northbridge

Duo gig at The Moon Cafe, Northbridge – Pic from Bronte Moore

  • The second last banger of May, the 30th, saw one of the biggest days on the local music calendar go down in Perth’s cultural centre. I was lucky enough to join the bill of ‘State Of The Art’ – or ‘Bang Of The State’ – festival, with heavyweights like You Am I, Katy Steele and Birds of Tokyo! ..Well kinda, I was playing on a free stage out by the mac and cheese toasted sandwich van, but still what a banger! The weather was perfect and the tunes were on point. Some lovely people from The Music had this to say about your boy – ‘Jacob Diamond’s blue-eyed soul cut through the hustle and bustle of the Street Food Lane… It says a lot when an artist can pique people’s interests with nothing but a guitar and a voice, and Diamond did just that’. Naw. Check out the rest of the review here.
Performing at State Of The Art Fesitval on the WA Food Lanes Stage - Pic from Micaela Rebecca

Performing at State Of The Art Festival on the WA Food Lanes Stage – Pic from Micaela Rebecca

  • I went to Melbourne to do some writing for a few days and caught up with my good buddies Marlon Williams and Aldous Harding, whose respective albums you should ABSOLUTELY buy. Here and here. Do it.
Buds at Marlon's place - The Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford

Marlon and I – The Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford. Pic from Hanna Harding

  • Lastly, I got some very exciting news on the 18th of Bang. I was chosen to compete in this years Big Splash Band Competition along with 31 other of WA’s unsigned bangers! It’s a damn honour boys. There’s a bunch of heats, and then a big old grand final – and the winner gets 10,000 clams!? good heavens. As I’m in the throws of writing and recording my debut album, this money could go a long way to helping me #livemydreams.

I feel very grateful to everyone who has supported me thus far, and call on their/your support again on July 9th at Jimmy’s Den! Join the facebook event here! Its gonna be a full band banger and I’m gonna #turnup! A lot of the judging is based on crowd response, so I need all my brethren – the diamontes – to come and enjoy a great lineup and make some noise! On top of the healthy competition, I’m also just stoked to be playing a show with some sick bands – Oakland, Good Try and Rag’n’Bone. I’m exactly this stoked –

This common gesture - the 'thumbs up' - is used to communicate gratitude, satisfaction or simply to say, 'hey I got accepted into The Big Splash Band Competition'.

This common gesture – the ‘thumbs up’ – is used to communicate gratitude, satisfaction or simply to say, ‘hey I got accepted into The Big Splash Band Competition’.

Phew. Well, Ima start warming up for my Big Splash heat (memememememememe), and you should pick an outfit. It’ll be here before you know it, and you don’t want to look like an idiot with some heinous last minute higgeldy-piggeldy number, do ya now?

Yours bangedly,



I’ll Remember April And Be Glad


A common salutation – the ‘wave’ – from Jacob to you, the reader.

April is filled with great shows, and you should come to literally all of them! Or if you’re a bit busy, a minimum of three is fine.

I’ve put all the details of all the April shows in one spot, to save your precious news feeds from my incessant attacks –

THEN, on the very 1st of May we have our very first ever full band headline show at The Astor Lounge! Great venue, great bands, great lounge, great vibe dials turned to 11, great yezzaton 3000’s, great lyf!

There you are! One-stop shop for all April (and tiny portion of May) shows. I’m feeling really good about these shows – the band’s sounding great and I have so many wonderful local and national acts to share tunez with.

Before I leave, may I draw your attention once again to the show attendance policy laid out in paragraph one — if you’ve read this post, you agreeing to attend all shows, unless you consider yourself to be a ‘reasonably busy person’, in which case, attending just three of the five shows is required. I think that’s fair, and it’s just the law what do you want me to do about it?

Lastly, check out these nice little vids of me playing solo at The Beaufort St. Songwriters Club –

‘If and When I Die’

‘Who Do We Fight?’

See you soon!

Love Jason Desmond


2015 – A Year In Progress (And Pictures)

willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Here are some pictures! Within them are moments in time captured as still frames that detail alllll the notable shit that has been going on since the first of the first, 2015! Squiz at leisure.

1. I Spent some time writing with a hero of mine – Lior – at Sonic Lolly, Margaret River.

Lior, Noah Shilkin and Jacob Diamond co-writing at Lolly Box Studios, Margaret River. February, 2015

Lior, Noah Shilkin and me. Co-writing a song called ‘Damned If I Have To Live That Way’ at Sonic Lolly, Margaret River. February, 2015

Tracking at Sonic Lolly

Tracking at Sonic Lolly

The first proper gig I ever went to was to see Lior. It was in 2007 at The Quarry Amphitheater in Perth, and I was 14 – So this was pretty wild few days for me! It was a hashtag pleasure and a hashtag privilege. The resulting song will be released soon, and we’re pretty stoked with it.

2. I finally found myself a guitarist willing to help ease my guitar-y burdens. Welcome aboard to well-known band-slut, Jake Chaloner. That beard, that tone **heavyvibes**.

3. I recently started working at the greatest music store in the cosmos, Concept Music. It wasn’t long after this that I fell under it’s strange gear-y spell and in January, I bought myself a – lets just say, rather dear – ’64 Custom Shop Jazzmaster. Worth every penny and worth being penniless for. Photo by Rachael Barrett.

Live with my Jazzy, Moon Cafe. February, 2015

At The Moon Cafe with my new friend. February, 2015.

4. And I continue to make a rekkid. I’m really excited by these songs and direction of the project. Album HQ has changed bedrooms – from my old bedroom at my olds’ place, to my new bedroom at my new place in West Perth, where I live with my friends Ethan, Will (drums and bass, respectively), Ellen and John. It’s called ‘Sexy Dad Studios’, but I can’t remember why.

Sexy Dad Studios

Sexy Dad Studios

Dr. Karen Peterson and my Electone Organ

Dr. Karen Peterson and my Electone Organ

Ethan contributes in the kitchen... for once.

Ethan contributes in the kitchen – for once.

Bizarre mic placement. Dish rack?

Bizarre mic placement. Dish rack?

Phew, it’s been big so far. It continues to be big, for 2015 is the year of the single, the record, the tour, the sheep AND the new live show, which features the fabulous fellows from my five-piece band.

I love writing/releasing/performing songs and telling you about it periodically/pictorially.

Thanks for joining me on this little journey,




PS – April and May are filled with fun shows! Statistically, it’s likely you’ll be available to come to at least one? You should if you’re keen to see what we’ve been getting up to recently. I’m particularly excited about headlining the fabulous room upstairs at the Astor Theatre on May 1!

18th April – Jimmy’s Den, Supporting Marlon Williams

22nd April – Ellington Jazz Club, Helen Shanahan EP Launch

25th April – Mojo’s, Supporting The Audrey’s

1st May – Astor Lounge, Headline show

2nd May – Mojo’s, Edie Green EP Launch



Nice to be speaking to you again. Just wanted to put together an indulgent hap-hazard update of everything going on in me-land. #me

I’ve been hard at work putting my first album together in my bedroom. It’s looking like it’ll be a wondrous nine-track sh-mozzle of song, with tinges of alt-folk, alt-pop, alt-j, alt-cult-hit, alt-alt, malt-alt and faulty-alty. To thank you for your patience and general interest, here’s a link to a few little snippets of some unreleased tracks! And here’s a link to some high-def behind-the-scenes footage.

It’s been a pretty alt-week for me:

I played to the biggest crowd I’ve ever played to – a sold out Perth Concert Hall for TedxPerth – which was unreal – there will be some videos to follow shortly, too…


…cracked the 1,000 like-mark on my Facey-b page (so alt)…

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.43.00 pm

…and today I found out I’ve been nominated for BEST FOLK ACT for the 2014 WAM awards!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.04.17 pm

I’m very very stoked to be nominated and thank WAM wholeheartedly for their continued support with a big ol’ virtual kiss on the mouth. MWAH. (Mwam?) I’m especially proud to be nominated in the company of my main gal Helen Shanahan*, David Craft and my high school sweetheart/buddy, Morgan Bain. Check out the full list of nominee’s here. Big ups to my cousin Tom O’Halloran for his nomination in the Jazz category, and my buddies in Timothy Nelson & The Infidels for getting a-gillion well deserved noms. #nomnomnom. I should also mention that I’ll be playing a set for ‘Saturday Spectacular’ as part of the WAM Festival on the 8th of November with these guys, along with a heavenly host of other phenomenal Western Australian bands. Check out the full list here. YAY WA MUSIC.

Moving on (alternatively, of course), here are a few photos of some in-studio antics, starring me and Ethan (who is mine and fellow WAM-nominated act, Tired Lion‘s drummer).


Ethan Toilet Roll

^^ Here, Ethan is using a toilet roll to prop up a mic. We’re on a tight budget. Plus we’re just straight up #alt

I think there are some great songs on this album. Can’t wait to get through all the tracking, mixing bouncing, mastering, bouncing, re-mixing, alt-mixing, re-mastering, certified-golding, packaging, re-packaging, alt-packaging and, finally – sharing it with you (aww).

Speak soon,

Jake xo

*Funny Helen Shanahan story – recently, she and I flew up to Broome to play four sets of covers together at the Brome Cup (we’d never played together before). We were cycling through some pretty classic acoustic-covers rep at the gig, and eventually I had the bright idea of playing the Paul Kelly classic, ‘To Her Door’ (pretty alt). Suddenly, an otherwise completely disinterested crowd began paying attention; turning around, bopping along, singing the choruses etc. We dismissed their sudden interest as nothing more then the response of a kelly-obsessed town, such as Broome is. What we didn’t know was that Paul Kelly himself was standing about 20 metres away, probably wanting to cower and die. I think I may have even forgotten the words to the third verse? It definitely sounded something like:

‘he came in on a sunday,

..shmfffsunna aching

summin bout slow motion

…she took both the kids?’

So just nailing it all round. As mad Paul fans ourselves, Helen and I were both utterly mortified and delighted. We tried to track him down afterwards and get a classic selfie like a coupla fan-girls, but our wristbands weren’t cool enough, according to one very grumpy security lady. Submit your most embarrassing Paul kelly Moments with the hashtag #sorrypaul

A Calmer Llama


I’m writing this post from my beloved aunty Maries’ flat in East Melbourne. Today I’ve been preparing for the third and final show of my ‘Over East-er’ tour, at The Brunswick Hotel. But more importantly, I had a pulled pork roll for lunch and it was amazing.

My first ever show in Melbourne was on Saturday night at The Northcote Social Club supporting Alex Lloyd. Everything went really well (minus my guitar falling off me mid-first song – very awkward), and the money raised from CD sales was enough to pay for the cab fare home! All in all, a pretty good night at the office. More on this and the other melbs shows to come…

But with all this excitement focussed in the east, I almost forgot to announce a new excitement of mine, very much focussed in the west…

I am taking on a residency at The Llama Bar in Subiaco on Tuesday nights! Not only that, but each week a featured artist will also be performing a set of their own. It will truly be Perth’s most badass singer-songwriter night. I’m launching the night next Tuesday the 29th of April with a special extended lineup including – MyselfHolly Norman, Helen Shanahan & Timothy Nelson – Holy mackerel. Check out the facebook event here.

I’m also inclined to mention that the Tuesday night special at The Llama is: 250g of premium sirloin + bernaise sauce, duck fat chips (??) and salad for only $15. That gets you a groovy Tuesday night out for under $25 – great local music, a good feed and a couple of glasses of wine. Better than staying home all night watching Game of Thrones! ….actually. Not sure about that. But my thing’s certainly more wholesome?

If you can’t make it down to the launch, the good thing about Tuesday’s is that they come around at least once every 7 days, so there’s bound to be another opportunity. Except of course in the event of the rapture. Not personally anticipating that anytime soon, though.

Look, I’m probably gonna duck out to get another pulled pork roll now, so have a think about whether you wanna come down next Tuesday! If you can’t, that’s understandable – why would you? it’s only going to be literally Perth’s most highly acclaimed, historic, talent filled/fuelled night ever.